Our History

Linkpedia had it’s origin story in the United Kingdom. Specifically the company was started in London, England. The company was started with the founder’s dreams of making the best marketing for primarily online gambling companies. This was not a precise service company at first, but it became clear to the founder of Linkpedia that the online gambling business did not have a strong enough marketing company as a backbone to the industry. They decided to focus on specializing in this industry’s marketing because there wasn’t a strong enough business taking it on. The founder of Linkpedia has worked in marketing and online marketing for decades of their career longevity. All of the Linkpedia staff hired have to understand marketing, SEO and social media thoroughly and completely. Each of the marketing services provided by Linkpedia has certain teams of people who specialize in that particular marketing service. Most of the Linkpedia staff additionally need to have a good knowledge on the online gambling world and what works to market that subject matter specifically. To this day, the company Linkpedia is still headquartered in London, England.

The Linkpedia company has succeeded in their dreams by becoming one of the leading marketing companies by specializing in all of the top services that their clients need for their business marketing plans. The Linkpedia staff has become specialists in all areas of search engine optimization or SEO, social marketing, viral marketing and online reputation management.

The Linkpedia company has created a large following of clients from their specialty SEO and other marketing services. They have charmed the likes of: William Hill, Unibet, Kroon Casino, Mr Green, BGO Casino, Leo Vegas and many others with their specialty services. Linkpedia is still going strong and will likely continue into the future making many new customers trust their marketing services for their online gambling companies.

For additional information about using Linkpedia for your online gambling casino marketing needs, please contact Linkpedia directly. Contact information for the company is listed under the contact option on the Linkpedia website. Email, phone numbers and the mailing address for Linkpedia should all be listed there.